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About Us

Khalid Bin Hadda Group is the UAE’s leading construction contractor and manpower supply provider, specializing in construction, technical, electromechanical, ship building services

 For more than a decade, we have shaped the skylines of the UAE, setting the infrastructure for large construction facilities and providing expert industrial manpower and technical services to UAE’s iconic projects

We are focused on providing reliable, professional and cost-effective services and delivering quality results while maintaining the highest safety standards.


Our group of companies specializes in professional manpower recruitment and labour supply, with standalone specialties in the construction, technical, electromechanical and ship building industries in the UAE.

Khalid Bin Hadda Technical Services

Khalid Bin Hadda Technical Services is a trusted resources support provider behind many of the UAE’s biggest construction projects. We provide professional manpower on short-term or long-term contracts. Our team specializes in technical construction services, with expertise in the installation and maintenance of various products for waterproofing and fireproofing.

KBH Electromechanical Works LLC

KBH Electromechanical Works LLC specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of electromechanical equipment, including panel boards, air-conditioning systems, electrical fixtures and insulation for large or mid-range construction projects.

We also provide professional manpower on long-term contracts for construction firms and government entities in the UAE, with specialized contracts for small to large-scale projects.

Khalid Saif Technical Services

Established in 2013, Khalid Saif Technical Services specializes in maintenance work for residential and commercial buildings and establishments. We have a team of experts in civil and electrical engineering works, with specialties in the maintenance of electrical and plumbing installations, air-conditioning equipment and machineries.

Al Muhairi Ships Building

Emirati sailing enthusiast and businessman Khalid Saif Obaid Bin Hadda Al Suwaidi founded Al Muhairi Ships Building in 2008 and in a decade it has become one of the most trusted names in the UAE marine industry. , Al Muhairi Ships Building continues to be a market leader in Emirati boat building and maintenance, with a team of engineers and ship builders focused on delivering quality vessels proudly made in the UAE.

Matlaa Ashams Contracting

MATLAAshams Contracting is a trusted UAE-based construction company specializing in general contracting, design and construction management. Our value-added construction services has helped us build a strong reputation in construction in the last two decades.